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    1. Anodized Aluminium Coil & Sheet

      SOLAR anodized aluminium coil is lightweight and easily-processed, during which pretreatment is unnecessary so the cost is saved considerably.

    1. Mirror Finish Aluminium Coil & Sheet

      Mirror finish aluminium coil is mainly used for: lamp reflector shade, solar panel, interior decoration materials, outdoor wall panel, nameplate, aluminium sign, metal advertising board, aluminium luggage, and metal jewelry box, etc.

    1. Pre-Painted Aluminium Coil & Sheet

      Pre-painted aluminium coil is found everywhere in our life, like building materials, aluminium composite panel, aluminium honeycomb panel, corrugated roofing sheet, fireproof laminated board, aluminium ceilings, shutter windows and doors...

    1. Aluminium Alloy Plate

      Aluminium alloys are alloys in which aluminium is the predominant material. Other major elements include copper, silicon, magnesium, zinc, and manganese. Minor metals like nickel, iron, titanium, chromium, and lithium are also available.

    1. Aluminium Channel Letter Coil

      Color and specification of the aluminium coil is customizable. SOLAR offers aluminium profiles, letter coils, and stainless steel strips in wide array of colors, finishes, and dimensions. The size ranges from 20mm to 128mm.

    1. High Purity Aluminium Coil & Sheet

      1000 series high purity aluminiumm means alloys whose aluminium content reach 99.00%. It represents the purest of all commercial aluminium alloys, as well as the most commonly-used one in industry.

    1. Aluminium Tread Plate

      Aluminium tread plate finds broad applications in: freezer, refrigerator, red wine cabinet, solar thermal collector, decorative aluminium products, lamp decorations, aluminium luggage, disinfection cabinet, kitchen cabinet, central air conditioning pipe...

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