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Production Process

SOALR has introduced advanced manufacturing techniques into our factory, where production process is in strict compliance with GB/T5237-2000 standards and other standards in the United States and New Zealand. SOLAR is a senior aluminium product manufacturer with 14 years' experience. We have over 1000 well-trained employees now.

Main Equipment
Cold rolling machines, hot rolling lines, pre-painting lines, annealing furnaces, slitting machines, extrusion machines, oxidation electrophoresis lines, powder coating lines, wood pattern equipment, lathes, hydraulic presses, multiple punching machines, CNC machining centers, CNC punch presses, bending machines, etc.

Surface Treatment
Cold rolling, fine rolling, embossing, pre painting, sand blasting, drawing, polishing, screen printing, oxidizing, electrophoresis, powder coating, painting, wood pattern, etc.

Production Base
We employ the dust removal device and tubular tilter that represents international level for a good gas removal, dust removal and alkali removal effect, as well as uniform product composition. Our casting line boasts an annual production capacity of 600 thousand tons.

  • Casting workshop
  • Casting workshop
  • Casting workshop

We have state-of-the-art 1+4 continuous hot rolling line and 1+1 hot rolling line, which was built in 2015 and outputs 250 thousand tons of aluminium products annually. Width of our aluminium coil can reach 3300mm by the rough rolling machine, and 2800mm by the finish rolling machine. Several auxiliary production lines are available. The casting workshop mainly produces high-precision aluminium sheets used for railway, truck, car, container, van, and for aircraft, anodized aluminium alloy, thick plate, can and cap used material, and decorative aluminium products.

  • Hot rough rolling line
  • Hot rough rolling line

After the hot rolling process, the semi-finished products are sent to the cold rolling line, where the coil can be processed into 0.005mm thick, roughly 1/3 of hair thickness. The rolling machine equipped with advanced sheet control system runs at a max speed of 1500m/min. Meanwhile, the rolling line is equipped with annealing line, 650t stretching machine, straightening and cleaning machine, shear machine, slitting machine, coil milling machine, and polishing machine. Finished aluminium coils processed in this workshop ranges in thickness from 0.005mm to 200mm, and in width from 16mm to 3100mm.

SOLAR possesses a comprehensive line for producing mirror finish aluminium coil. The raw materials are rolled into thin coil after a whole range of smelting, continuous rolling, finish rolling, annealing, washing, tension leveling, and film covering operations. During these processes, some defects caused by hot or cold rolling treatment are eliminated completely. Slitting, shearing, and pre-painting operations that clients have required are done here.

  • Automatic mirror finish aluminium coil production line
  • Automatic mirror finish aluminium coil production line
  • Material cutting area
  • Control station
  • Material transmission unit
  • Material heating part
  • Aluminium coil collection
  • High temperature annealing furnace
  • Mirror finish coil washing

High-speed CNC shearing line is employed to slit the aluminium coil into different specifications for users' individual needs. This line is equipped with decoiler, leveler, servo feeder, high speed shear, and stacker. It adopts PLC control. Thickness of the coils to be processed should have a thickness of 0.1mm-6mm. Aluminium sheets this line can process range in thickness from 0.1mm to 300mm, and in width from 150mm to 2000mm. This equipment can bear 25t of coil at most, and the shear precision reaches ±0.5MM/M. The highest speed is up to 80m/min. Paper collection and film covering units are available upon clients' request. This production line is distinguished for high automation, good leveling effect, precise shear, stable performance, easy maintenance and high efficiency.

Shearing and leveling diagram
  • Automatic shearing line
  • Automatic shearing line
  • Cold heading treatment
  • Cold heading treatment

Aluminium slitting line is set for processing coil whose thickness is within 6mm, and whose width is no more than 2000mm, with a slitting speed of 120m/min. It can deal with 30 aluminium strips at the same time. In this line, we have employed decoiler, leveler, slitter, tension separator, and winding unit. With PLC control system, users can set the order, slitting quantity, specification, and speed. This line is suitable for processing different cold and hot rolled aluminium plates, stainless steel coils, and plated metal coils. It features high stability, long life, and helps to improve the working efficiency considerably.

Slitting diagram

Aluminium tread plate fulfills both functional and decorative purposes, and is mainly applied in flooring, packaging, lighting, refrigerator, and air conditioner. It is processed on the basis of aluminium sheets or coils. To meet users' specific purposes, we provide different surface treatment like hammer paint, pebble pattern, and diamond, etc. Our aluminium coils come with a thickness of 0.1-10mm. Depth of embossing is adjustable.

  • Embossing technique
  • Embossing technique

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