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High Purity Aluminium Coil & Sheet

Pure Wrought Aluminium, Metal Coil for Making Bottle Cap, Aluminium Coil for Beverage Can Making, Aluminium Foil for Packaging Use

 High Purity Aluminium Coil & Sheet

1000 series high purity aluminium means alloys whose aluminium content reach 99.00%. It represents the purest of all commercial aluminium alloys, as well as the most commonly-used one in industry. 1000 series aluminium alloy is classified into 1060 and 1100 series.

At SOALR, aluminium coils or sheets are processed by shearing, slitting, embossing, as well as other techniques for users' specific requirements. Users can choose the heat treatment technique, hot or cold rolling technique for certain elongation, weldability, machinability, and max shear stress.

High purity aluminium coil is mainly used for producing cosmetic cap, bottle cap, aluminium composite panel, mirror finish aluminium, diamond plate, aluminium cabinet, lighting shade, car radiator, packaging material, decorative aluminium panel, electrolytic capacitor, acid-resistant container, aluminium foil pad, electrical cable, cable guard, and aircraft accessories, etc. With some polishing or oxidizing treatment, 1000 series coil can be used for illumination, building, household decoration, and electronic products, etc.

Product Specification
Aluminium 1050/1060/1070/1080/1085/1100/1200
Temper O/H14/H16/H18/H24/H22, etc.
Type hot/cold rolled
Thickness aluminium sheet 0.1mm~15.0mm
aluminium coil 0.1mm~6.0mm
Width 30mm~2800mm
Finish worm pattern/hammer paint/diamond /water ripple

Main Features
1. Small density: density of high-purity aluminium is near 2700kg/m3, roughly 35% of that of iron
2. By cold working, strength of the alloy can be more than doubled. Alloying it with various metals and then giving the alloy heat treatment, the hardness of finished product can rival high-quality alloy steel
3. High-purity aluminium can be easily rolled into sheet and foil, drawn into pipe and wire, or extruded into different profiles
4. On the surface of aluminium alloy, there is a dense and solid layer of film to protect it from atmospheric corrosion and water corrosion
5. Strength and plasticity of aluminium alloy won't decrease but improve instead as temperature drops below 0℃
6. The conductivity and thermal conductivity is second only to sliver, copper and gold
7. Aluminium also shows good ability to reflect infrared, ultraviolet, electromagnetic waves, and thermal radiation
8. Non-magnetic, sound-absorbing, explosion-resistant, and nuclear radiation resistant

At SOLAR, all of the products are packed with standard waterproof film, and are fixed firmly on wooden pallets.

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