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Aluminium Channel Letter Coil

Sidewall for LED Channel Letter Sign, Metal Sheet for Making Advertising Banner, Aluminium Panel for Highway Billboard

 Aluminium Channel Letter Coil

Channel letter coil is used as sidewall when fabricating illuminated channel letters. SOLAR, a China aluminium coil supplier with 14 years' experience, can assist your signage channel letter needs with high-quality aluminium coil products, whether it is face-lit channel letter, exposed neon sign, plastic formed letter, or halo lit illuminated logo. Color and specification of the aluminium coil is customizable.

SOLAR offers aluminium profiles, letter coils, and stainless steel strips in wide array of colors, finishes, and dimensions. The size ranges from 20mm to 128mm.

We also provide the equipment, tools, and materials for making illuminated channel letters.

Product Specification
Metal aluminium alloy
Alloy 1050/1060/1070/1100/3003/3004/5052
Thickness 0.4mm~2.5mm
Width 20mm/ 30mm/40mm/50mm/ 60mm/70mm/80mm/108mm, etc.
Type aluminium coil/folded aluminium coil
Color original color/red/blue/matte black/matte white/black/white/yellow/green/golden/glossy red/glossy white/glossy black/rose gold/sliver/brown, etc.
Surface treatment painting/polishing/drawing/mirror finish/anodizing

At SOLAR, all of the products are packed with standard waterproof film, and are fixed firmly on wooden pallets. Each coil is about 100m long.

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