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Pre-Painted Aluminium Coil & Sheet

Aluminium Ceilings Panel, Metal Coil for Shutter Door, Reflective Aluminium Sheet for Solar Panel, Metal Sheet for Furniture Making

 Pre-Painted Aluminium Coil & Sheet

Pre-painted aluminium is a decorative metal material produced by giving surface coating or coloring treatment to aluminium sheets or foils. Commonly seen ones are PVDF coated aluminium sheet and PE coated aluminium panel. It is differentiated from common aluminium sheet for its unique decorative effect.

Factoring into consideration the needs and tastes of different individuals, SOLAR pre-painted aluminium coil comes with diversified colors, textures, and finishes, and can be designed according to clients' requirements. Currently, the coils we provide are available in thickness from 0.05mm to 2.5mm, and in width from 30mm to 1650mm. Thickness of PE coating ranges from 18μ to 35μ, and PVDF coatings from 35μ to 85μ.

Being an experienced China aluminium sheet manufacturer with 14 years' experience, SOLAR is specialized in providing users with professional suggestions on aluminium products. No matter what your application may be, SOLAR will give you a solution.

Application of pre-painted aluminium coil is found everywhere in our life, like building materials, aluminium composite panel, aluminium honeycomb panel, corrugated roofing sheet, fireproof laminated board, aluminium ceilings, shutter windows and doors, garage door, awning, roof gutter, computer case, machine panel, light decorations, furniture, solar panel, and air conditioning duct, etc.

Product Specification
Alloy 1xxx, 3xxx, 5xxx, etc.
Thickness 0.05mm~2.5mm
Width 30mm~1650mm
Coating thickness polyester 18μ-35μ
fluorocarbon 35μ-85μ
Surface treatment 1 coat/2 coats/3 coats/4 coats system
Color basic color/metal color (universal color card)
Surface finishing texture, hammer paint, pebble pattern, diamond pattern, etc.
Inner diameter 75/150/300/405/505

Advantages of Color Coated Aluminium Sheet
1. Pre-painted aluminium coil features high flatness, with no marks of heat-temperature processing on the surface. It won't get deformed after being sheared.
2. Any patterns and colors you want are available
3. Good plasticity and machinability
4. The coil is of good weatherability, high gloss, and little color difference. PE coating is guaranteed for 10 years, and PVDF coating is for over 20 years.
5. High flexural strength
6. It won't corrode, generate any toxins, or produce toxic gases

At SOLAR, all of the products are packed with standard waterproof film, and are fixed firmly on wooden pallets.

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