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Mirror Finish Aluminium Coil & Sheet

Reflective Metal Sheet, Material for Solar Panel, Aluminium Coil for Advertising Board, Metal Panel for Making Lamp Reflector

 Mirror Finish Aluminium Coil & Sheet

A bright mirror finish of aluminium coil is realized by many operations, including cold rolling, finish rolling, annealing, cleaning, bending, film coating, and trimming. We employ raw aluminium material whose purity reaches 99.6-99.85% for excellent product quality.

At SOLAR, aluminium coil ranges in thickness from 0.15mm to 4.0mm. For aluminium sheets, the max thickness is 30mm, and the width is available within 200mm-1800mm. Additionally, surface treatment like powder coating, anodizing, etching, and embossing are available for users' individual needs.

Mirror finish aluminium coil is mainly used for: lamp reflector shade, solar panel, interior decoration materials, outdoor wall panel, nameplate, aluminium sign, metal advertising board, aluminium luggage, and metal jewelry box, etc.

Product Specification
Alloy 1xxx, 3xxx, 5xxx, 6xxx
Thickness 0.15-30mm
Surface treatment finish rolling, powder coating, anodizing, embossing, etching, etc.
Surface finishing mirror, matte, drawing, titanium sliver, semi-specular, hammer paint, texture, etc.
Color sliver, golden, brown, etc.
Technical Parameters
Term Thickness (mm) Width (mm) Reflectivity Diffuse reflection rate Direct reflection rate Imaging rate
Parameter 0.15~3.0 <1350 88% < 20 >80 92
Tolerance ±0.02 ±2 ±1 ±0.5 ±1 ±2
Term Thickness (mm) Width (mm) Reflectivity Diffuse reflection rate Direct reflection rate Imaging rate
Parameter ≥3.0 <1800 85% < 20 >80 92
Tolerance ±0.02 ±2 ±1 ±0.5 ±1 ±2

Advantages of SOLAR Mirror Aluminium
1. High reflectivity
The reflectivity is above 86%

2. Excellent finish
Aluminium purity is an important factor in determining products' finish. 0.1% more or less purity will make a visible difference. That's why we adopt high-quality aluminium material whose purity is over 99.7%. The reflectivity of our aluminium products reaches 86% and the clarity is higher than 95%

3. High flatness
Sheet flatness can influence the imaging a lot. The flatness of our aluminium coil processed by the straightening machine made in Germany reaches 100%

4. Easy to be processed
Themirror finish coil made in SOLAR is easy to be bent, stretched, and punched, so users can save a lot in later processing. It can be coated with powder or painted directly. Temper available: O, H16, H18, H32, and H111.

At SOLAR, all of the products are packed with standard waterproof film, and are fixed firmly on wooden pallets.

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